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Saw this character sheet, and decided to do it, cause why the fuck not?

Verse: Original universe for comic book series in progress: Fantillia (Placeholder name)

Full Name: Joel Zackson
Pronunciation: Joe-El Sack-Sun
Nickname/Alias: Sandstorm
Meaning: Joel means "God" and Zackson is derived from the name Saxon, which means "Knife"
Origin: Joel was based on one of my favorite actors, Joel Heyman. Zackson was from my imagination.
Title: Captain, sometimes Aero-Captain
Pet Name: Dumbass
ID Number: AC-JZ 004. "Aero-Captain with initials JZ No. 004", from his days in the army.
Signature: Like THIS

Gender: Cis-Male
Gender Role: Masculine, mostly
Orientation: Aromantic, bisexual
Real Age: 27
Age Appearance: Around 18-23
Birthday: October 2nd, year 3980
Deathday: Still alive
Birthplace: Small house on the west coast of Blait
Astrological Sign: Libra
Zodiac Sign: Monkey

Immediate Family: Raised by homeless man after his parents were killed in an air raid few weeks after his birth
Distant Family: No one known
Parenting: Loving
Upbringing: Everyone is equal
Infancy: Taken care of in a homeless shelter
Childhood: He worked a lot from the age of 7, at the coal plants.
Adolescence: Started in a military academy on a scholarship he was given by his boss at the coal factory.
Adulthood: Got his Aeroship license, was in the military for a few years, but stole a ship and became a pirate.
Coming of Age: Around 14
Evolution: Can kill anyone the instance they betray him, without giving it a second thought

Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Asian
Blood Type: Type O negative
Preferred Hand: Can use both
Facial Type: Oval
Eye Color: Left eye blue, right eye red.
Hair Color Brown
Hairstyle: Unkempt, semi-long
Skin Tone: Slight tan
Complexion: idk
Makeup: none
Body Type: Mesomorph
Build: Kind of skinny, with long arms and legs
Height: 5"5'
Weight: 150
Cup Size: none
Facial Hair: Stubble
Shoe Size: 46 Europe
Birthmarks/scars: Scar through left eye
Distinguishing Features: Nothing

Health: It's alright
Energy: Too much!
Memory: Photographic memory
Senses: Got the eyesight of a hawk, but can't distinguish between bitter, sour and sweet tastes.
Allergies: Allergic to Sea-Tiger piss (It gets in the way of him more often than he's willing to admit)
Handicaps: Slight limp on right leg, after getting knee-capped with a 9mm once.
Medication: None
Phobias: Water
Addictions: Alcoholism, although has not taken it's toll on his health yet
Mental Disorders: PTSD symptoms

Style: 38th Century naval uniforms, although haven't officially been in used for decades, he still finds it stylish, and it does suit him.
Mode of Dress: Shirt is tucked in his belt
Grooming: Messy
Posture: Like a soldier!
Gait: When walking, it goes slow and his limp might get in the way, but when he's running, his movement pattern is flawless
Coordination: His reflexes are almost supernatural, and he moves fast, when he needs to.
Habits and Mannerisms: Tends grip his katana really hard when sheathed, which has caused a few handles to break.
Scent: Uses a strong cologne

Mood: Happy go lucky!
Attitude: Mostly in a flirty manner, unless he knows them well, in which case insulting and mean.
Stability: Incredibly high temper.
Expressiveness: Hides most emotions, except for anger and happiness.
When Happy: Plays around with his knife
When Depressed: Acts as normal
When Angry: Goes insane, and will most likely engage people in combat

Current Residence: Owns a house in Eastern Panaj, but spends all of his time on his ship.
Community: Posh
Family: Has a wife and daughter he sees once or twice a year.
Friends: His 7 crew members
Enemies: The entirety of the North-Centurian government
Bosses: No one
Followers: His 7 crew members
Heroes: His "father" Taka, the homeless man that raised him (Not so homeless anymore)
Rivals: James Crook, a fellow pirate
Relates to: I don't know
Pets/Familiars: None

Wardrobe: 38th century navy uniforms! Nothing else
Equipment: 11th Century Style Panajan TeraSteel Katana, small 50. cal hand cannon
Accessories: Dragon tattoo on upper left arm, going to his back, dog tags.
Trinkets: Small Magic gems in a bag, for dire situations
Funds: Has less than $$300 on hand, but his family bank account which his wife is in charge of, contains more than $$350.000.000.000
Home: Enormous mansion!
Neighborhood: Fancy and beautiful, with very rich, but also incredibly nice and wise people.
Transportation: Stolen BZ-3977 Military Class Aeroship
License Plate Number: None
Collections: Flags and patches from defeated military or pirate fleets.
Most valuable possession: The magic crystal that protects his house and family. Estimated to $$56.700.300
Prized Possession: His wife and daughter

Lovers: His wife of 5 years
Marital Status: Married for 5 years

Occupation: Aeropirate
Work Ethnic: He loves the freedom, and chaos of the job.
Rank: Captain (Highest)
Income: Depends
Wealth Status: Upper class
Experience: Military, Military Academy and Flight School.
Organizations/Affiliations: Freelance

IQ: 153
Education: Military Academy
School: Strict
Grade: Graduated
Special Education: No
Social Stereotype: Super-Badass
Degrees: Straight A's
Intelligence: Military Strategy, mathematics, chemistry, engineering and linguistics

Religion: Shintoist
Morals: Everyone is equal
Crime Record: Most wanted person in the world
Motivation: The rush from battling hoards of enemies 
Priorities: Family, friends, money
Philosophy: Nothing
Political Party: Nothing
Etiquette: Etiquette of a caveman
Culture: Bows
Influences: No one can influence him
Relates to: I don't know
Traditions: Visits home for his daughters birthday, and their anniversary
Superstitions: Afraid of demons and spirits

Main Goal: To become the richest person in the world
Minor Goals/Ambitions: Get money
Career: Pirate
Desires: Riches
Wishlist: Gold
Accomplishments: Pretty fucking rich!
Greatest Achievement: His daughter
Biggest Failure: Accidentally killing an innocent child
Secrets: None
Regrets: Killing a child
Worries: His family
Best Dream:  That his bounty was wiped
Worst Nightmare: His family getting killed
Best Memories: His daughters first words (Noodles)
Worst Memories: Killing a child

Hobbies/Interests: Carving wooden figures, that he sends off in helium balloons around the world
Skills/Talents: Excellent at sword fighting, and an outstanding marksman
Likes: The smell of gun smoke
Dislikes: The sea 
Sense of Humor: Dark
Pet Peeves: Obvious lies
Superstitions/Beliefs: Spirits and demons
Dreams/Nightmares: Dreams of war
Quirks: Sleeps sideways across the bed 
Savvy: Explosives!
Can't understand: Golf
Closet Hobby: Drawing maps
Guilty Pleasure: Nothing special

Strengths: Quick thinker
Flaws: Nothing! He is flawless
Perception: Beautiful in every aspect
Lures: Money!
Soft Spot: His daughter
Cruel Streak: His daughters safety

Powers/Abilities: Can use magically charges crystals to enhance his senses
Origin: A government program. It's actually quite common in the military, although Joel's are OUTSTANDING
Source: Just enhances different senses, like sight and hearing
Ability: Mastered
Weaknesses: Being surrounded by water
Immunities: Snake poison
Restrictions: After the magic effects has worn out, all his energy will be drained
Alternate Forms: Goes insane when his family or friends lives are threatened (Like a "dark" side)
Extra Anatomy: None

Favorite Colors: Navy Blue
Favorite Animals: Dogs
Favorite Mythological Creatures: Dragons, although those actually exist in 3099
Favorite Places: Any airspace without too much smoke
Favorite Landmarks: The Great Wall of Panaj! A huge wall in the water just out of the coast of Panaj, going all the way around the country.
Favorite Flavors: Cola 
Favorite Foods: Sushi
Favorite Drinks: Rum
Favorite Characters: None
Favorite Genre: Adventure
Favorite Books: Adventure books
Favorite Movies: none
Favorite Games: none
Favorite Shows: none
Favorite Music: none
Favorite Bands: none
Favorite Songs: Yoho Yoho
Favorite Sports: none
Favorite Stores: none
Favorite Subjects: none
Favorite Numbers: 77
Favorite Websites: none
Favorite Words: none
Favorite Quotations: "Let's jump on board, and cut them to pieces." -Blackbeard

Languages: English and Japanese
Accent: Scottish
Voice: Between high and low
Speech Impediments: None
Greetings and Farewells: "Hey fucker"
State of Mind: Fucking awfull, thank you very much, dickbag *Laughs*
Compliment: Hey, you doesn't smell awfull today!
Insult: Literally, fuck off to hell!
Expletive: Fuck Arse!
Laughter: A silent "heheh"
Tag Line: Mate
Signature Quote: None

Reputation: He's a blood thirsty pirate
First Impressions: Nice
Stranger Impressions: He's an awful human being
Friendly Impressions: Great person, who also happens to be an asshole
Enemy Impressions: Blood thirsty savage
Familiar Impressions: Loving and caring
Compliments: Amazing friend
Insults: Horrible at holding conversations
Self-Impression: Coolest person ever

Character Sheet © Character-Resource


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Hey, 17 year old from Denmark. I draw a lot, but mostly just throws everything away


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